Maja’s Memories Antique Paint Olive Gray

Maja’s Memories Antique Paint Olive Gray

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 Water-soluble matt colours with rich pigment and a thick, velvety texture for a chalky effect. - Suitable for any surface. - Non-porous surfaces must be primed. - Completely natural, ecological colours, safe for children. There may be slight colour differences between the picture and the actual product

The Antique paint is water-based.
Suitable for all surfaces. Non-porous surfaces should be primed first.
Completely natural, ecological colours, making it safe for children. (Colour deviations possible due to natural pigments).

Maja's memories antique paint is made as ecologically as possible to protect the environment and the user.
The paint therefore has a low VOC content (volatile organic compounds).

You can finish the Antique Paint with Maja's Memories Hardener or Liquid Wax.  

Contains: 150ml