Maja’s Memories Milk Paint Antique White 250g

Maja’s Memories Milk Paint Antique White 250g

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Maja's Memories Milk Paint Antique White 250g.

Milk Paint by Maja's Memories has beautiful old, vintage colours, specially developed for a Brocante, old look.
The paint is suitable for indoors and outdoors, and can be used
for all porous surfaces, wood, stone, ceramics, cement, and more.
If you want to use the milk paint on a non-porous surface (if the surface is not absorbent), you need to use a primer.

Mix the Milk Paint with water in a ratio or 1: 1.
After you have mixed the Milk Paint with water, it is ready to use.

Milk Paint is 100% a natural product, so slight colour differences may occur between different batches (which also contributes to a vintage look).

Milk Paint is an authentic natural paint based on milk protein (casein), lime, clay and natural pigments. This paint comes in powder form and contains only biodegradable ingredients.