Regal Peacock Decor Mould by Redesign

Regal Peacock Decor Mould by Redesign

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Regal Peacock  Decor Mould by Redesign. It is a high quality silicone mould perfect for breathing new life into your furniture or mirrors, frames ore any decorative items, even walls can be decorated with moulds.  You can use moulds in conjunction with transfers or decoupage, see the great examples below. 

Redesign moulds can also be used in the kitchen (chocolate, pastry) or to make soap.

Please check out our Training Courses as we will be running courses with fun ways to use moulds and transfers.   You will find details of our Training Courses on the front page of our website in the Menu bar.

Make your own moulds with self-hardening paste, resin, air-drying clay, polymer and even with chocolate (food-safe mould). The material can be removed very easily by turning the mould over and bending it slightly to make it fall. Infinitely reusable silicone mould.


Dimensions: 12.5cm x 20cm